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Sunday, January 12, 2014

what happens in vegas...

Well we did it! We moved to Sin City. And I must say it has treated us well. I moved here in August to start a new school year. Yay for first grade and yay for 25 six year olds yelling, "Mrs. Danielson, Mrs. Danielson, Mrs. Danielson"....all....day...long. Jake unfortunately couldn't move here until November. Boo. So naturally I was a hermit for 2 months and only left the house to make the 2 minute drive to work, then straight home at the end of the day. Yay for no more commuting!

Now we are both here and we LOVE it. We are so happy that we could finally make the move here and can't wait to continue making it our home!

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alyssa d said...

i'm jealous of you being able to be a hermit... and i love how you only have to travel 2 minutes! i want to move to vegas to be with you guys!!!