he's a chiropractor, she's a teacher, together they are livin' the dream

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Jake and I watched the movie Fireproof this weekend and I LOVED it. I recommend it to everyone! It will really change your marriage and all of your relationships. I will admit I cried through the whole thing...both times I saw it. Jake loved it too so don't be afraid that your husbands won't like it. I have put the trailer at the bottom of my blog so that you can all see it!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Friday was my 22nd Birthday! We had such a fun night. Jake completely spoiled me and got me some really great gifts, along with all the other great things I got from family. We started out the night with opening presents and then we went to Idaho Falls to do some shopping with the gift cards I got and then ate some really yummy italian at Johnny Carinos.

Jake got me the serger that I have been hinting about for weeks. I was so surprised, he did a good job at tricking me.

I love Jake, and I love Birthdays.