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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Tag!

Give eight answers to each of the eight topics.

8 Favorite TV shows I love to watch

1. Heroes
2. 24
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Office
5. Top Chef
6. Arrested Development
7. Lost
8. America's Next Top Model

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. School
2. Homework
3. Made gac in the afterschool program
4. Visited Jake at work because it was the only time we could see each other all day!
5. Cleaned
6. Ate cookies that were delivered by anonymous doorbell ditchers
7. Hid in the office for 15 minutes after being doorbell ditched...I watched the movie "Strangers" and I will probably never answer the door again.
8. Watched an episode of, of course, Heroes

8 Favorite places to eat:

1. Bajios
2. Garcias
3. Olive Garden
4. Arby's
5. Taco Time
6. Red Lobster
7. Sizzlers
8. Cold Stone

8 Things I am looking forward t0:

1. Graduation
2. When Jake is finally done with all schooling
3. My Birthday!! (on friday)
4. Having kids
5. Christmas break
6. Reading a book that is not for school
7. Having a house of our own
8. Jake having his own Chiropractic Clinic

8 Things on my Wish List:

1. Serger...I would love to get this for my birthday. (I don't know how many hints I need to drop)
2. My own piano
3. Publish a music book
4. GMC Acadia...this is my dream car because it fits a decent size family but is NOT a minivan.
5. For Jake and I to be done with school
6. To be caught up on my scrapbook
7. Twins. I think it would be so fun to have twins.
8. Go to Germany and Austria with Jake someday

8 People I tag:
1. Aubrey B.
2. Nicole W.
3. Sara S.
4. Samantha D.
5. Amanda C.
6. COllette W.
7. Amiee D.
8. Janae W.


Tagged by Jenny

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only! Then I must pass it on to others. The questions are as follows:

1.Where is your cell phone? backpack
2.Where is your significant other? homework
3.Your hair color? blonde
4.Your mother? funny
5.Your father? patient
6.Your favorite thing? jake
7.Your dream last night? Strangers
8.Your dream/goal? publish
9.The room you're in? work
10.Your hobby? sewing
11.Your fear? fire
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy
13.Where were you last night? cleaning
14.What you're not? rested
15.One of your wish list items? serger
16.Where you grew up? rexburg
17.The last thing you did? heroes
18.What are you wearing? nametag
19.Your t.v.? heroes
20.Your pet? nonexistent
21.Your computer? distraction
22.Your mood? happy
23.Missing someone? family
24.Your car? running!
25.Something you're not wearing? socks
26.Favorite store? craft
27.Your summer? short
28.Love someone? forever
29.Favorite color? pink
30.Last time you laughed? Heroes...yes, that is the third time I have used that as my answer, it is just as addicting as blogging.
31.Last time you cried? hormones...I copied Jenny's answer, but ain't it the truth.

I tag: Caitlyn, Heidi, and Kacey

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching Up...

Since it snowed yesterday I am now finally ready to accept that summer is over. So before we get too far into winter I need to catch up on all the fun things that we have done this summer while I was away from the blogging world...

Jake and I celebrated our one year anniversary in July, It is so weird to think that we started dating over two years ago. Who would have thought that on our first date we would be where we are now. I am so lucky to have him. To celebrate we went to Pocatello for the weekend to get away from Rexburg. It was so much fun! well for me, poor Jake was so sweet and let me go shopping which is not exactly how he wanted to spend almost a whole Saturday, but he was so great about it.

Here we are on the way to the zoo which consisted of 2 bears, a few mountain goats, and some buffalo and elk that were to far away to see. But it was still fun.
Part of the main attraction. Ha.

Sunday evening was our actual anniversary so we pulled out the old frozen wedding cake, but it actually wasn't that bad.

This picture is just kind of random but this is Jake with our neice Kyky. She is so much fun and it is cute when her and Jake get wound up.

My sister and my niece, Grace, moved from Rexburg this summer so it was so fun to be able to go and see her. We went with my parents to Washington to see them and then went to visit my Uncle who was camping at his resort on the Oregon Coast. Our trip was short but it was nice to get a break from work.

Here is a picture from the car of the coast. The water looks nice now but wait until you are stuck out there in the fog and the cold for about 7 hours and the coast guard has to launch their boat to come find you. It is an odd feeling to know that all those sirens you can here are for you. But, as Jake says, it will make a great church talk someday.

My younger sister also got married this summer. We just love Raul and are glad that they finally tied the knot. Here are some pictures from that day.